Travel: Romance in Venice

No matter where I visit in the world, Italy will always be my favourite country.

From the delicious food and wine to the stunning scenery and culture, it ticks every box.

gondolasI visited Venice recently, it was a flying visit, a ‘we made it to a year and are still smiling’ first anniversary celebration. When we were there we bumped into friends who were staying for over a week and they could not believe how short our trip was. Although I could have stayed longer, two days is definitely sufficient in terms of seeing everything and taking in the city, plus the flight out was only an hour and a half!

veniceimageveniceWe strolled around St. Mark’s Square in the heat and decided to take shelter in a rustic looking cafe, Florian. On the outside this quaint cafe looks shabby but the inside decor is stunning, an old style glamour. Don’t let this man put you off…

florian veniceflorianFlorian has the most incredible iced coffee, and chocolate covered coffee beans. Just a tip for you: the drinks costs twice the price to sit outside…my suggestion have a drink inside, enjoy the Venetian surroundings and then sit on the steps outside to listen to the music, best of both worlds, no?!

florian veniceOur hotel was on the Lido which meant we got a shuttle boat there and back, this photo makes me feel like I was driving the boat. Just call me Captain…

Venice boatmask masksFor dinner we went to Algiubagio…veniceIMG_5941IMG_5943After our main course they brought out a plate of icing sugar and a blow torch, slightly suspicious. The waiter then waved the torch over the icing sugar and the words ‘Happy Anniversary’ began to appear.

Very sweet….literally. IMG_5951After dinner we picked up some gelatto and ate it in St. Mark’s Square listening to the live music.

Cliche perhaps but it really is romantic. Venice St Marks SquareI took so many photos of canals but I couldn’t help myself, every time I walked over a bridge (which is a lot in Venice) the view was just beautiful. The city is so busy in the tourist areas but make a slight left or right off the main streets and the pace begins to slow down.veniceWhich is your favourite country to visit?

Liv x


3 thoughts on “Travel: Romance in Venice

  1. I would have to agree with you on Italy! It’s my favorite country hands down! I laughed when I read you took so many canal photos because I did the exact same thing! It’s so hard not too 🙂 It seems like every corner you turn, there’s another postcard perfect photo!! Glad you had a great time!

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