Beauty/Travel: Flight Fresh

Oh aren’t holidays such fun but getting there can be demanding.

By the time you arrive at your destination, having experienced a security frisking, watched tv so close your eyes are pulsing, tried numerous different sitting positions and developed a cold from the recycled airplane air….you are knackered.

So here is my ultimate on-flight freshen up kit, so you can arrive at your destination looking and feeling as fresh as a daisy.

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Beauty: Red Carpet Manicure

If, like me, you hate chipped nails and frown at the thought of bare nails, then gel nail polish is a dream. This of course doesn’t mean to rely on gels all the time as it’s good to change it up. The Red Carpet Manicure Professional LED Kit means you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home in front of the telly.

This costs £89.95 which sounds fairly expensive but when you add up the cost of getting a gel manicure at a salon this now sounds cheap. You get so many manis out of this and all you need to do is top up on the polishes which aren’t too much.

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