Healthy: T Time

As I look to become more healthy I am trying to make small changes to my diet.

Apart from my love for water (which is a big healthy thumbs up), when it comes to hot drinks my bad habit is coffee.

t plusTherefore I am swapping coffees to herbal teas, in particular green tea, which not only provide a more gentle energy hit but also contains antioxidants among other fantastic health benefits.

I love the idea of green tea but can’t stand the taste…slight problem with a drink. There are so many flavoured green teas out there that smell amazing but taste of nothing, or worse taste of metal (that’s what I always think green tea tastes of).

T-Plus is the first green tea that I’ve tried and really love the taste. This is a range of vitamin enriched green teas blended with real fruits to give them a delicious flavour. It comes in four different variants; Detox (Apple & Blackcurrant), Boost (Raspberry & Pomegranate), Immunity (Orange & Blueberry) and Mulit vitamin (Lemon & Peach).

I have gotten into the habit of having a ‘Detox’ tea before bed as I find it quite soothing. I finished a box of 15 sachets within two weeks and for someone who wasn’t opting for hot drinks before (apart from the early morning coffee) that’s speedy. It’s not just me, I gave a friend one the other day and she was impressed and my hubby loves them too!

Drinking green tea before bed (not an energy focused one like ‘boost’) is a great way to wind down and help you sleep which is also important for your health and wellbeing.

Green tea is known to increase metabolism which in turn aids weight loss, reduces bad cholesterol and blood pressure and due to the high antioxidant levels it is great for skin.

They sell a taster pack for only £2.90, so you can try all four flavours before committing to a box of 15.

Check it out for yourself here –
What healthy changes have you made?

Liv x



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