Marlow and Me

For those of you who are feeling suffocated in London take a trip down the M40 to Marlow for some lazy swan gazing and afternoon treats…

I grew up in London and apart from my Uni stint in Manchester I have always lived here. I really love living here but feel it’s important to venture out of the city for regular breaks to other towns around the UK. It gives me space to breathe and makes me appreciate the hustle and bustle of London, rather than resent it.

So this weekend I went on a day trip to Marlow, with the hubby, to walk around the quaint town and of course we booked ourselves in for afternoon tea for when our feet grew tired and tummies hungry.
There’s something about water that I’ve always found relaxing, give me a river or lake and a sprinkling of swans and I could gaze the day away…
So after some swan-gazing we walked around the shops and even found a hidden garden to relax in. Next we wandered over to Bowaters Restaurant. This is part of the Macdonald Compleat Angler hotel and like most of the establishments in Marlow is perfectly situated by the river.
We opted for the standard afternoon tea for two which filled the spot beautifully….though perhaps the panna cotta shot was a tad too sickly.
Liv x

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