Xfactor Wining…

With the XFactor final upon us it’s time to sit back with a glass of good red wine and enjoy the show.

I’ve matched three great red wines with three of the XFactor judges (alright I added an extra one so to not leave anyone out).


First up we have the lovely, the wonderful William Hardy Shiraz 2012 (Tesco £8.99)

This full bodied wine displays rich plum and mulberry fruit flavours complemented with a lil’ vanilla and spice. The flavour is rich, fruity and has to be Nicole Scherzinger.

The drink has a bit of a wild side, and not afraid to be a bit out there, with stylish gold lettering it’s definitely a trend setter.


This is Shiraazing!

Next up, all the way from California, we have Blossom Hill Red (Tesco £4.99).

A much lighter red, with berry aromas and a easy finish, this is soft and fruity. Have you guessed which judge this one is…it’s our happy-go-lucky Louis Walsh!

Pretty basic packaging and not the most stylish, this drink is perhaps a good introduction to red wine if you are more used to white and rose. 

Will the people of California pick up your phones and vote for Blossom Hill!


A little advert break….humdy hum..


Right, we’re back and it’s time to find out which judges the next wines match up to.

We’re now looking at South African red, Kumala Pinotage Shiraz 2012 (Tesco £5.48)

This is medium-bodied, pretty mellow, pleasant on the palette and tasty. It’s a solid purchase, dependable and of course it’s our delicious, Gary Barlow!


And that’s it for the reds.

Oh alright then I’ve thrown in a lil’ extra as we couldn’t leave out the ‘fabulous’ Mrs O…

IMG_2902sharon o

With strawberry and bright burgundy colours; Sharon is defintely a Zalze Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Rose.

So there you have it, my personal favourite is the William Hardy Shiraz due to its great flavour, but there is a red out there for every personality.

Which wine do you think you are?

Liv x


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