Travel: 5 Reasons To Visit India

India is an incredible country to visit. They have their own unique culture, delicious foods, beautiful buildings and so much more.

Here are my top 5 reasons why it’s time you booked that trip.



The clothes in India are so vibrant that even when wearing my brightest outfit I felt grey in comparison. The saris are bright, bold and beautiful as well as the jewellery (half of my suitcase home was full of bangles).

India ColourIndia ColourIndia Colour


When you think of India, you think of the Taj Mahal and don’t get me wrong it’s absolutely stunning, but there are so many fantastic buildings across India. If you just open your eyes as you walk around you will see incredible detail in many buildings and structures.

India ArchitectureIndia ArchitectureIndia Architecture


It is definitely worth bracing yourself for a car journey like no other. They don’t really abide by the road laws like in other countries, drivers tend to drive in the middle of the road until told (hooted) otherwise. Animals roam the motorways in all directions, even people walk in the middle of busy roads towards oncoming traffic as if they are out for their morning stroll.

All transportation is jam-packed with passengers, cars will have at least ten people inside, eight on the roof and one or two clinging on the side. Even motorbikes have families of at least six aboard.

India RulesIndia Rules


India is a bustling place however not everywhere is so manic. If you visit, make sure you take a trip to the desert for a more calming experience. If you aren’t a fan of camping then try out their luxury tents which include a bed and a working bathroom!

India DesertIndia DesertIndia Desert


What India has in abundance is amazing scenery, everywhere you look you will see gorgeous flowers, ponds and lush trees.

India SceneryIndia Scenery What are your favourite reasons to visit India?

Liv x


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