Food: Have a Cracking Easter!

Hurray, it is that time of the year again when it is acceptable to eat your body weight in chocolate!

There are so many Easter Eggs in the shops at the moment, I swear there are more every year. So to help you guys decide which one to buy I have chosen my top 3 from the small to the more lavish…

Easter Eggs

Guylian Luxury Egg £10.99

Guylian Easter EggAhh Guylian, or ‘Gweelian’, no wait ‘Gighleean’. Right, this is something I have had a problem with for years, I love the chocolate but never know how to pronounce it. So you can imagine my delight when I read the story of how the brand begun and found out that it was started by a couple called ‘Guy’ and ‘Lilian’….Guylian!

photo(3)This Luxury Easter Egg includes not only a delicious chocolate Easter Egg but also a deluxe box of praline filled chocolates. This makes for the perfect gift for a loved one, or a major treat for yourself.

Guylian Easter Egg GuylianChocolateCadbury Creme Egg Easter Egg £3.49

Cadburys Easter EggIf you are after a smaller Easter egg perhaps for a younger member of the family then this is the one for you. Creme eggs have always been a favourite treat of mine around this time of year. This includes not one but two Cadbury creme eggs plus a chocolate Easter egg (which on its own is delicious…nothing beats Cadbury for pure chocolate bliss).Easter EggsTurn the box around and you get egg jokes to humour your friends and family with… Cadburys Easter EggLindt Gold Bunny Easter Egg £4.00

lindt frontAs a wise man once said ‘I love gooooooold’ hmm perhaps not so wise, just an odd Dutchman from Austin Powers, but I really am drawn to all things gold. At only £4 this Easter egg ticks all the right boxes; attractive, delicious chocolate and seasonal gold bunnies thrown in for good measure.

Plus you can even make your own Easter hunt with the cut-out bunnies on the back of the box.

lindt backlindt 2

What’s your favourite Easter Egg?

Liv x



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