Style: An Eye for Fashion

When you think of an opticians you usually picture white sterile walls, a mundane atmosphere and hundreds of very similar-looking frames. But not for much longer…

KiteI’ve recently been introduced to brand new designer opticians brand KITE, which is looking to revolutionise the wonderful world of glasses. When you think of an opticians you think of white sterile walls, a mundane atmosphere and hundreds of very similar looking frames.

KITE brings a fresh approach to the way we shop for glasses, it combines fashion with expert eyecare, injecting fun and excitement in to the whole experience. The frames are bold, colourful and stylish but also really wearable.Kite 9

I was really excited to visit their flagship store in Westfield Stratford for the launch event and it didn’t disappoint. The atmosphere was buzzing and the store had an inviting boutique feel to it. You couldn’t help but be drawn to the glasses and the store decor reflected the bold shapes with geometric signs and displays
Kite 7Kite storeThere was even a multi-touch display that at first glance seemed to be just a large mirror but doubles up as a social media sharing device…Kite 4Kite 11Kite sunglassesKite 8Kite sunglassesI opted for the Chestnut Havana Fournier frames with brown lenses and can’t wait to wear them in Cuba!

If you are in need of a new pair of specs or looking for new holiday accessories then pop to the Westfield Stratford store and treat yourself to the modern optical experience or head to

Which style would you choose?

Liv x


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