London: Blooming Marvellous

Borough, Spitalfields, Portobello….what Londoner doesn’t love a good market.

Last weekend I headed to Colombia Road to check out the flower market and then on to the Tower of London.

Colombia Road

It’s markets like these that remind me why I love London.

The buzzing atmosphere, excitement and colourful characters.

The Apprentice contestants could learn a thing or two by watching these market sellers. They have so much passion and personality, shouting ‘2 for a fivaaaa’ at the top of their lungs all day long must be tiring but they remain unfazed.

I was swept along by the tide of people, and became so distracted taking photos that I kept losing my friends. Every time I looked up from my camera I couldn’t see them next time maybe I will attach myself to my friend with baby reins!

Aviary Photo_130591797801805531So many pretty flowers and all at such affordable prices…


This was the actual colour!…flowersflowersflowersflowersflowersflowersAviary Photo_130588187385512514After the flower market we headed over to Tower Bridge to visit the Tower of London sea of poppies.

The installation, titled ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’, uses each poppy to commemorate the life of a fallen British or colonial soldier. The final one will be planted on Armistice Day.

I’m sure you have seen pictures in the news but I urge you to visit it as it’s pretty incredible,¬†word of warning – it is so busy as everyone wants to see it right now so perhaps visit early in the day.Aviary Photo_130590017065797600Aviary Photo_130590015755070824Aviary Photo_130589987236197094Aviary Photo_130589986015686890

Liv x


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