Beauty: Frontcover Eyeshadow Palette

I tend to always keep my eye make-up the same, perhaps I’m stuck in a rut or perhaps I just know what works best for my eye shape either way it’s time to try some new eyeshadows.

The Frontcover Cosmetics “Hot Shades Cool Colours” is the perfect palette for this with 18 exciting shades plus a sweep of gold.

Aviary Photo_130297843614146032

Frontcover Cosmetics create ready to wear make-up gift sets inspired by catwalk trends – each set focuses on a different theme. The collections are contained in a magazine cover style box with photographic instructions from a make-up artist on how to create the different looks.

The Hot Shades Cool Colours Collection is inspired by the intense colour blocking from the catwalks and includes the hottest shades of the season. The packaging of Frontcover collections has put me off in the past, the boxes can be large and cardboard which aren’t practical for travelling or on the go make-up. However this product is brilliant, it comes in a sturdy plastic box which is much more concise due to it’s double layer function.

Pop open the top for the vivid domed eyeshadows and then slide the bottom layer out to reveal more subtle tones.

IMG_2436 Layer one: Aviary Photo_130297857527239976 Layer two: Aviary Photo_130297858113262643

So when you manage to open the top layer (which can be a struggle to open) you are in for a treat. Below are just a few examples of the many, many looks you can create with this palette.

For more information head to

Which eyeshadow is your favourite?

Liv x

Tried and tested…

Aviary Photo_130297802092721689

Quick and easy, just sweep ‘Spruce Puce’ over the eyelid

Aviary Photo_130297803353571192

Add ‘Embers’ to the outer edges & ‘Spark’ in the corner to create depth

Aviary Photo_130297807089469411

Here you can see how to introduce the ‘Black Ice’ on a lid of ‘Flash’

Aviary Photo_130297806519092845

‘This is ‘Flash’ and again added depth with dark ‘Black Ice’ in the crease of the eye

Aviary Photo_130297809434574033

A line of ‘Furnace’

Aviary Photo_130297808409780291

Just a line of ‘Furnace’ creates this copper look

Aviary Photo_130297811561682241

A fiery look by shading ‘Furnace’, ‘Flushed and ‘Flame’

Aviary Photo_130297812468066803

Sweep ‘Flame’ across the lid, dab ‘Furnace’ into the crease and then blend with ‘Flushed’

Aviary Photo_130297813691771281

Shadows on the lower level of the palette are more subtle – shown here with ‘Snow Shoe’

Aviary Photo_130297818106770191

A dramatic smokey eye with ‘Furnace’, ‘White Hot’ and ‘Black Ice’


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