Mexican Bar Opening: Lucha Libre

Last weekend I headed up to my old student stomping ground, Manchester, for a weekend with a good friend.

We headed to the opening of new Mexican bar/restaurant Lucha Libre for some tequila, guacamole and good old fashion Mexican fun.

Aviary Photo_130293668330139237

Lucha Libre is a Mexican street food concept that serves authentic Mexican food from the state of Jalisco, Mexico. This then turns in to a late night tequila & cocktail bar; with the flick of a switch the decor changes and the illuminous wall murals begins to show.

Aviary Photo_130292777080887440

The place has a rustic yet refined charm to it, the décor includes exposed lights and large metal pillars but overall it still looks reasonably smart.

Aviary Photo_130292780939372002

It had a great vibe to it and fun Mexican live music…until it was interrupted by a fire alarm which continued for what felt like an hour. Still it didn’t deter us and the band even started singing along to it!

Aviary Photo_130293626848160626


Aviary Photo_130292876658287431There are brilliant neon artworks around the room which you only see later on as they change the lighting:

Aviary Photo_130292875690856528

As it was opening night I got a taster of lots of mini dishes and they were all honestly delicious, I’m not sure what exactly I ate but I know they included quesadillas and tacos of halloumi, guacomole, seared tuna..and lots more yummy ingredients.

Aviary Photo_130292831980789774

…and for desert I think we ate our weight in mini churros, they were so moreish!

Aviary Photo_130293713678202892

Overall really cool bar and would definitely go back for dinner and cocktails.

For more information head to

What is your favourite bar or restaurant in Manchester? 

Liv x


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