Sunday Brunch: Dean Street Townhouse

Pinch Brunch First Day of the Month…

When heading into the crazy world of Christmas shopping in the cold it’s important to fuel up on a good morning meal. So this weekend I headed to Dean Street Townhouse for a spot of brunch with the hubby.

Aviary Photo_130304020118200509

Dean Street Townhouse is a four-storey Georgian townhouse which acts as both a boutique hotel and popular restaurant, located in the buzz of central London.

I started with coffee and I do heart a good cappuccino…

Aviary Photo_130303855325790443

Aviary Photo_130303856320972017

I went for my usual, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon with brown toast.Aviary Photo_130303860621855269The eggs and salmon were delicious…the toast however was pretty burnt, I ended up decorating the table with lots of lovely dark crummies.

Aviary Photo_130303863497077753

Pretty, no?!

Aviary Photo_130303864798834695

The decor is traditional, warm and inviting with low lamps and numerous artwork pieces on all walls, .Aviary Photo_130303857799916781

Aviary Photo_130304021701760030

Aviary Photo_130303858743238718

I had a yummy brunch at Dean Street Townhouse and it really helped to set me up for the day of shopping.  Maybe next time I’ll treat myself to an overnight stay in the hotel…if I have any pennies left after Christmas shopping!


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