Beauty: Waxing Lyrical About Strip

So I hope others will relate to this…my waxing journey….



From an early age, my mother drilled it into me that waxing is the best hair removal method…

Team that with the fact that I tend to have a high pain threshold and I was set for a good hair removal regime. However, things seemed to turn for the worse when I reached University; money was needed for good nights out and must-have fancy dress items, so some luxuries had to be sacrificed. I began relying on waxing strips and depilatory creams, and my trips to the salon decreased.

So it’s safe to say a few years after Uni and I had lost my hair removal halo. Although home waxing kits have improved and at times are really efficient, there are those horrendous moments when you’re bent in a ridiculous position and the strip just won’t come off, and let’s be honest those memories really do stick with you (pun intended).

It was time to get back on the waxing wagon, so I looked up places near where I work in Soho and found lots of ‘Strip’ Wax Bars.


One of these wax bars is situated within Topshop by Oxford Circus, well isn’t that perfect, I thought, I can have a shop and a wax in my lunch break. And what a pleasant lunch break it was, honestly, it was the most relaxing 40 minute mid-day break I’d had in a long time.

The wax room is bright, bold and quirky which is a nice change from the sterile looking, white walled, rooms you normally lie in.


For me the main attraction was the tv screen on the wall, playing ‘Sex and the City’. Genius! This definitely put me at ease, and when I say I enjoyed the experience, I really do mean it.

Oh I should probably mention the waxing itself, well that’s the point really I forget that element because I didn’t feel a thing, well maybe a tiny thing, but it honestly felt as though she was just peeling cellotape off my hand…nothing!

All in all I am most definitely back on the wagon and can’t wait for my next waxing lunch break, to lie back and catch up with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda!

I hear there is a chocolate room in some of the salons, where they use chocolate-hazelnut scented essential oils. For more information head to

Have you had a bad waxing experience and are now in a waxing rut?

Liv x


2 thoughts on “Beauty: Waxing Lyrical About Strip

  1. What did you get? Their Hollywood is pretty expensive, but it’s all I want. If I ever win the lottery I think I’ll book myself in for regular ‘Showgirl’ waxes, though; right now I can only afford to shave my arms!

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