Abu Dhabi: Monte Carlo Beach Club

Whilst I was in Abu Dhabi I had the pleasure of staying at the Monte Carlo Beach Club for a day of relaxing.

Situated right on the beach it has the best of both worlds and also includes great spa facilities for when the sun goes down.


It is quite pricey, but luckily we managed to use a great voucher. Always keep an eye out for offers and if you are there a lot or know you will be visiting lots of places it may be worth buying the Entertainer – a book of great offers.




The beach club has six cabanas which surround the swimming pool and as you can see contain two large, flat sunbeds a table and a cover from the sun. Behind these are the regular sunbeds which are just as comfy, so padded.


We had lunch at the Bubbles bar after plenty of posturing from the waiter due to lack of tables, word of warning they aren’t the best at coming up with solutions (to what tends to be a pretty simple problem).



You’ll notice there is only a photo of one meal even though there was two of us, I had the salmon which tasted good but looked a bit pathetic on the plate.


As the sun went down it was time to try out the spa facilities, I love the decor in the changing rooms and enjoyed the jacuzzi, steam and sauna but only managed to dip a toe into the plunge pool…brrr!





So if you are visiting Abu Dhabi and just want a day of relaxing in a glamorous setting then head to the Monte Carlo Beach Club.

Liv x


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