Abu Dhabi: Food, Tennis and….More Food

My final blog post on my amazing trip to Abu Dhabi and it wouldn’t be a Liv My Way travel post without a copious amount of food snaps. If you like tennis or indeed tennis players then ‘view’ on…

As mentioned, we were visiting over Christmas and as well as staying in the Shangri-La we spent most of our time at my brother-in-law and sister-in-laws gorgeous flat, in the  St. Regis complex on Saadiyat Island


St. Regis comprises of both resident flats and houses as well as an impressive sea view hotel – you literally see the view as soon as you step into the reception through the ceiling to floor glass windows looking out to the beach.

We had Christmas lunch in the main restaurant, Olea, with family and lots of their friends. The meal was a buffet, and boy was it a buffet!


From cocktails and champagne to sushi and seafood, breads and cheeses to of course turkey and meats this buffet had everything.IMG_3177

Impressive ice sculptures…IMG_3189

Fruit a plenty..IMG_3212

and don’t get me started on the desert, I of course saw this as a sampling course with an aim to at least taste every plate..



Before we got to Abu Dhabi we bought tickets to what was such a brilliant day of tennis, the Mubadala Tennis Championships. We saw all the world ‘greats’: Murray, Djokovic, Nadal, Tsonga, Ferrer and Wawrinka….and so close


My hubby managed to catch Murray’s sweatband when he threw it into the crowd, ran down and got Andy to sign it!

photo (4)

So I know I’m petite but this is ridiculous [comical tennis racquet not the normal size]IMG_3460Nadal..




Where’s Wally, Spot Boris Becker (Djokovic’s new coach)IMG_3544


As if getting Andy Murray’s sweatband wasn’t enough to top it off we managed to feature on Time Out Abu Dhabi as well here 

Finally a restaurant I couldn’t leave out, Koi – also based within the St Regis complex. Described as ‘Japanese inspired with California Accents’ this restaurant began in L.A. and you can see the influence.


The food was incredible, we opted for a few sushi dishes but you can also get full mains. IMG_3643





Just a fantastic trip with the right mix of relaxing, family time, amazing food and fun activities (one that I haven’t included was the waterpark we went to for the day – Yas Waterworld, highly recommend it if you like fun rides).

If your planning on visiting Abu Dhabi or anywhere actually the Travelex Currency Converter is so useful and if you manage to get wifi when your out and about you can use the Travelex app, so gone are the days of counting on your fingers and then dividing by some obscure number, well almost gone (wifi dependant).

Liv x


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