Food: Easy like Sunday Morning

Nothing beats a lazy Sunday morning, unless its a lazy Sunday morning, having a delicious brunch and giggling with your best friends in the sunshine.

Yep that pretty much does it for me.

Violette CafeLast Sunday the sun was high in the sky and life was feeling pretty damn good down at Violette Cafe.

Violette Cafe, perfectly located in between Belsize Park and Primrose Hill, is a modest looking cafe. It is definitely violet, I’ll give them that, but other eateries nearby perhaps look more appealing. Don’t let that fool you, it’s such a hotspot for breakfast and here is why….

Violette CafeI opted for the cheeky iced coffee, just a tip if you order this go for the ice cream version you definitely won’t save on the calories but it is well worth it. My friends tried the various smoothies which also tasted yum.

We began inside but made a mad dash for it as soon as a space freed up outside, we even rid an old lady of her seat so we could claim the space. Hey you gotta do what you gotta do when the sun comes out in London.*

Violette CafeThe decor is fairly simple and modern with a few pieces of artwork and photography dotted around. It looks fairly empty simply because everyone was sitting outside in the sun.

Violette CafeAs always I opted for scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and spinach. Predictable maybe but it has to be done when you are having a long breakfast. People do have certain preferences when it comes to eggs and some people like scrambled eggs to be milky. Me personally I love buttery eggs and as you can probably tell from the tone in the picture these were perfect for me.

Smoked salmon can be so hit or miss, if it isn’t fresh enough the texture can be rubbery and it tastes fishy. Luckily this tasted really fresh and delicious.

I especially like the lone cucumber placed on the plate to make me feel a bit better about my meal choice.

Aviary Photo_130398276479655448My friends opted for the vegetarian breakfast and the eggs benedict, though it seems more like eggs florentine. Their verdicts? Yummy yummy, we had clean plates at the end so it was clearly a good meal all round.

Eggs BenedictIt was such a nice place even my coffee was smiling!

Smiley CoffeeIf you find yourself in the Belsize/Primrose Hill area on a Sunday morning check out Violette Cafe on 2 England’s Lane, NW3. It’s eggs-actly what Sunday mornings are made for.

Where is your favourite place for brunch?

Liv x

*no old ladies were harmed in the making of this blog post


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