My Favourite Instagrammers

Instagram is my favourite social media platform.



Photo credit: Instagram @livihecht ME!

I enjoy the news, gossip and humour element of twitter, facebook is primarily to catch up with friends, though it has also recently become a hub of funny video links and news stories. LinkedIn is of course for career networking. For me instagram trumps them all, I can never get bored of browsing photos.

The Instagram filters can make even the most mundane image look arty, yet great photography still clearly rises above the rest. I have selected my favourite Instagrammers of the moment, these are people who regularly inspire me.




Photo credit: Instagram @Onderkoca

I could spend hours looking through travel photography and regularly do. When I am planning a trip, or have just booked one, the first thing I do is hunt for imagery to give me inspiration of things to do and places to go and quite simply get me super excited!

I stumbled across @Onderkoca on instagram when searching travel photos and was instantly hooked. He collates photos from his friends and every image is beautiful. The photos are incredibly vivid with well thought out compositions and generally tell a story.




Photo credit: Instagram @fltness

An area of my life I really do need motivation is health and fitness which brings me on to @fltness (@fitness was obviously taken so make sure you use an ‘L’ for the second letter). This user collates images of very toned women, fresh healthy fruit dishes with motivational messages. I must look like a bit of a perv when I’m looking through pictures of women in bikinis but it does really push me to go to the gym.




Photo credit: Instagram @songofstyle

Aimee Song is an LA based interior designer and top style blogger for SongofStyle. I love her fresh LA style and scrolling through her images reminds me I must invest in some bright statement pieces. If you are looking to up the glamour in your wardrobe follow @songofstyle for inspiration.




Photo credit: Instagram @tamaraemilyelster

Finally, a big instagram trend is food photography and my favourite food instagrammer is my friend @tamaraemilyelster. She has her own fantastic food blog providing delicious recipes accompanied by beautifully clear photographs. Her instagram showcases her brilliant cooking skills from hearty salads to egg white omlettes, after browsing her pictures you will feel the need to march in to the kitchen and whip up something yummy.

Who are your favourite instagrammers?

Liv x


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