Travel: Sunshine in the Palma Your Hands

When I meet people from across the world I remember how lucky I am to live in the UK.

This of course is not due to our fantastic weather, but for our impressive proximity to so many fantastic countries. Hop on a plane and in just a few hours you can be in a number of exciting European cities.


I recently ‘hopped’ on a plane with some friends and in just two and a half hours I arrived in Palma de Mallorca, the capital city on the island of Majorca situated in the glistening Mediterranean sea.

We spent one afternoon strolling around Puerto Portals gazing at the amazing yachts, pretending we owned them (a girl can dream). The food on holiday was great but mainly carb based so after a few days I desperately craved a good salad, and boy did I get one.  For lunch we stopped off at Cappuccino and I couldn’t be happier when my incredible salad arrived…

Aviary Photo_130537378522436206Seared salmon, avocado, mango and lettuce….deeeeelish!

salmon teryaki

photo(2)IMG_8722portal nous

Another day we headed to the centre of Palma for an afternoon of shopping and exploring. There are some great boutique jewellery shops and when you become tired of the crowded pavements just turn down a small side street and the pace automatically slows.

These streets have a real rustic charm….

photo 2photo 1photo 1 (1)scooterI would like to say every day was an adventure, a new finding in some way, but let’s be frank we all need some time to unwind. So as well as exploring various places on the island we also made sure to fit in pool-time.

How inviting does this look….


If like me you sleep, breathe and most certainly eat chocolate then you have to visit the Chocolat Factory.

It is a really cute, small chocolate shop full of dreams. They sell everything from truffles, ice cream, solid chocolate bars, chocolate macarons, chocolate orange, chocolate strawberry, chocolate orange peel….you get the picture!Chocolat FactoryChocolatemacaroons

Liv x


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