Beauty: Holiday Hair

Sun, sea, sand and sexy hair!

Well, that’s what we all like to think when we head off on our exotic getaway. The reality I’m afraid is that the sun, sea and sand can wreak havoc on your hair making it look scruffy.

Holiday hair can be a right ‘mare so let’s break it down, here are four products that will give you the sexy hair you are after.Holiday hair_edited


Braun BrushEver really spent time choosing a hair brush? Well let’s be honest hairbrushes have always been pretty darn simple…until now.

The new Braun Satin-Hair 7 is so much more than your average hairbrush, it emits ions through a uniquely designed jet within the brush’s central core.

What the?!

Ok let me break it down, at the push of a button, it releases charged particles straight onto the hair. Here, they immediately get to work, seeking out any particularly rough, damaged area and instantly helping to smooth it out, minimising frizz and static and significantly boosting shine and restoring smoothness.

So when your hair has become tangled from a day at the beach, use this for an instant shine and smoothness ready for some evening fun.


Bamboo HairMy hair becomes very dry in summer months, especially when sun and chlorine are involved. Summer leave-in conditioners help to restore and revitalise sun-parched hair.

The Bamboo Beach Collection is designed to provide vital UV protection and combat the damaging effects of the sun. This deeply hydrating leave-in conditioner detangles, enhances shine and makes hair silky smooth.

As with the whole Bamboo range, this smells so good!

Treat and protect your hair from the summer elements with the whole limited edition beach range.

Paul Mitchell Express Dry range:

DRY WASH® £18.95 250ml / £9.95 50ml
STAY STRONG® £16.50 300ml / £7.50 50ml

Paul Mitchell Hair_editedA good hairspray is a must for any holiday washbag and this weightless, ultra-dry formula provides maximum control and volume whilst being really workable. It also includes humidity-resistant ingredients to help fight frizz and flyaways.

Great for sexy up-do buns and also good to spritz some on in the morning to keep hair in shape throughout the day. The small size means you can pop it in any bag and apply on-the-go.

The new Express Dry Wash is ultra fine and doesn’t leave the white talc residue a lot of dry shampoos do. Your hair goes through a lot when on holiday so when the evening comes, I always want to wash my hair, but over washing can make it too dry, so this is the perfect compromise.

It revives hair making it look and feel freshly washed without the hassle, it is what holidays are for, time to relax.

What is your holiday hair must-have?

Liv x


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