November Beauty Favourites

This month I have been trying to treat my hair, prep my lips, buff and protect my face and smell delicious.

Here are the beauty products that have helped me to do this…

SkincareAntonia Burrell Luminous Light Polishing Powder £45

Antonia BurrellI recently met the fantastic super facialist, Antonia Burrell, who is not only absolutely lovely, but also the best advert for her brand as her skin truly glows. She is radiant and looks about 20 years younger than is.

All her products are 100% natural and full of fantastic anti-oxidants.

This is a luxurious exfoliating powder that when added to water transforms into a silky paste or if you add a lot of water into a fine foam. It makes your skin squeaky clean…literally, it’s pretty satisfying when your skin squeaks! This is similar to a clay mask but leaves skin super smooth, buffed and brightened without the dry feeling. It includes anti-bacterial Tea Tree Leaf Extract which keeps pores purified and Colloidal Oatmeal, which removes dead skin cells.

This Polishing Powder is best used after the Cleansing Oil, which by the way smells gorgeous.

Alterna Caviar Overnight Hair Rescue £31.20Alterna CaviarThis is a light but deeply nourishing cream that you pop on your hair before bed, it isn’t oily so doesn’t leave any residue on the pillow. You just need to make sure you put it on the night before a hair wash day otherwise you will have slightly greasy hair when you leave the house.

It is perfect for this time of year as it delivers vital nutrients for your hair while you sleep.

Calvin Klein Reveal £46.80 (50ml)Calvin KleinFirstly, just to explain Calvin Klein’s latest fragrance isn’t called ‘Livi’, although how fabulous would that be?! Instead I got my very own monogrammed perfume at the Debenhams Beauty Press Day (thanks #DebsBeautyBuzz team).

This is the new ‘Reveal’ EDP, which I instantly fell in love with not just because it has my name on it but I adore the smell. I am a Thierry Mugler kinda girl, so the warm and sensual scent really appeals to me. It is a luxurious, floral woody fragrance with top notes of raw salt signature, pink pepper and a heart of orris.

This is a rich, sexy smell, ideal for the party season.

SkinCeuticals Brightening UV Defense £35

calvin kleinIt is a common misconception that you don’t need to wear sunscreen in winter, especially not in the UK. To be fair this misconception is gradually diminishing as awareness around sun damage is increasing, yet still most people don’t bother applying daily sunscreen at this time of year. The truth is that we should be wearing an spf every day and that includes the winter season.

This protective spf is so light and absorbent its hard to believe that it is a sunscreen, it feels more like a daily moisturiser. This brightens skin tone and helps prevent the occurrence of future brown spots and pigmentation. It glides on well and is the perfect base for make up, so easy to add to your morning routine you soon forget you are even wearing sun protection.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream £23.40

elizabeth ardenFor those of you are fans of this brand, you may have noticed the dated packaging, well that just proves how amazingly long this product lasts!

First created in 1930 to soothe skin, this cult product has been praised by beauty experts for years and years. It is one of those fantastic multi purpose products, I have been smothering my dry lips with it but it is also great to rub on hard cuticles, finger nails, elbows and generally great to soothe and moisturise skin.

A little really does go a long way.

What are your favourite beauty products this month?

Liv x


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