November Beauty Favourites

This month I have been trying to treat my hair, prep my lips, buff and protect my face and smell delicious.

Here are the beauty products that have helped me to do this…

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Haircare: NutriHair Trial

I’ve been having an argument with my hair for about a year now, or at least I think that’s how long, point is I can’t remember when it started but I’ve noticed it has become so thin and in bad condition, yet I don’t know why.

I’ve tried everything; hair treatments, serums, specially designed shampoos, hair masks you name it I’ve used it. So why does does my hair seem to lack the oomph it used to? 

The main problem is how thin my hair has become, it must have been a gradual change as I never used to have thin hair. From this picture you will see what I mean – this is ALL my hair!