Beauty: AS.AP Apothecary

It was my birthday recently and I was lucky enough to get some lovely pressies. One of my favourite presents was from someone who knows me so well and has a great eye for unique brands.

I was given the AS.AP ‘Little Box of Indulgence’, which is a fantastic all round introduction set.

as.ap skincareAS.AP stands for Amanda Saurin Apothecary (the founder) and is a line of natural botanical skincare balms and oils. The brand uses traditional apothecary methods and only produces small batches of product at a time, labelling each product with a batch number. This attention to detail along with the overall branding makes it really special.

The labelling on the products is kept pretty simple so the ingredients are found on a greaseproof slip that rests on the products.

as.ap skincareLip Balm #6:

This is a really nourishing balm with a silky texture that glides on to lips and is absorbed really easily.  It has a delicious, gentle fragrance of orange, coffee and cocoa…mmm orange mocha yum.  as.ap skincareBody Butter #6:

This has a similar texture to the lip balm, it is a hard balm but when you begin to rub it into your skin it turns into a light oil. Again this absorbs very well and doesn’t feel greasy at all, instead it leaves your skin feeling well balanced and soft. This includes notes of lavender and sandalwood.

as.ap skincareFace Cream #3:

I tried this out in the morning which wasn’t right for my skin as it is intensely hydrating, so if you have dry mature skin it will be fine but for me it is best used as a night time moisturiser. It did really quench my skin and it claims to promote tissue repair, clear toxins and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. as.ap skincareCleansing Oil #5:

Since I’ve been using the Antonia Burrell Cleansing Oil I have become a big fan of cleansing oils, before I thought they would be too greasy for my skin but if you get the right one it can really balance out your complexion. This is a lovely oil that softens, conditions, nourishes and brightens skincareCleansing Cloth #1:

The best way to remove the cleansing oil is with this hand-made crocheted cloth, which also provides slight exfoliation too. as.ap skincareAviary Photo_130670991547552503Have you tried any AS.AP products?

Liv x


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