Travel: Para Para Paradise

‘The Maldives’, two words that conjure up pure bliss.

If you are looking for somewhere to visit for uninterrupted relaxation, beautiful surroundings and an incredible underwater world then keep reading….

Sea PlaneI was looking for somewhere with guaranteed good weather, where I could relax before the madness of 2015, but not get bored. The answer had to be The Maldives.

The Maldives are a collection of islands in the Indian Ocean, to get to there you fly into the main island, Male and then either a boat or a sea plane to your paradise island.

If you want to feel like James Bond then opt for the sea plane, a little 18-seater (that’s only 6 rows!) that glides above the different atolls (ring-shaped coral reefs) and lands on a floating platform near your island, where you then have a 5 minute boat ride.

Pretty. Damn. Cool.
MaldivesMaldivesWe chose the island resort of Kuramathi, it was a tough choice as there are so many with glowing reviews but after doing our research this sounded like the best blend of relaxation and fun – a large enough island to not get bored.

The main activity in the Maldives is diving, with that in mind we decided to train for a PADI license. This started with a day in a freezing pool in London, not fun but totally worth it in order to get the boring skills element out of the way in order to enjoy the diving there.

The diving is absolutely incredible, ok so I don’t have any other diving sites to use as a comparison (I was a diving newbie) but the sea was clear, the fish were tropical, I saw so many sharks and hey I found Nemo!Aviary Photo_130675591328824285

sharkmaldivesThere is so much wildlife on the island – fruit bats, crabs and large unusual birds….oh myIMG_8119Aviary Photo_130675601995287948MaldivessunglassesmaldivesOne end of the island narrows into a sandbank, which is the perfect place to watch the sun set.
IslandjumpsunsetmaldivesI celebrated my birthday there and they did so much to make it feel special, as if just being in the Maldives wasn’t special enough.

My bed was decorated in flower petals, I received a birthday card and a birthday cake at dinner along with singing. IMG_8264birthdayOh wait one more thing, they gave us a free upgrade to stay in a water villa for the last two nights!

Yep, it is safe to say I had the best birthday.

There are lots of different accommodation types i.e. beach villa (which we first stayed in), beach villa deluxe, beach villa deluxe with a jacuzzi….all the way up to the best one water villa with jacuzzi which is where we spent our final nights. They are crazy expensive, hence the fact we opted for a beach villa, but having stayed in one I can safely say they are amazing. Your back garden is the ocean and there are stairs leading you in, ready to swim with the fish.maldivesmaldivesAviary Photo_130666948040825508Aviary Photo_130662623236589181IMG_1554If you plan to go to the Maldives I can’t recommend Kuramathi Island Resort enough, it has everything you need and want. For more info check out the website –

Liv x


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