Abu Dhabi: Monte Carlo Beach Club

Whilst I was in Abu Dhabi I had the pleasure of staying at the Monte Carlo Beach Club for a day of relaxing.

Situated right on the beach it has the best of both worlds and also includes great spa facilities for when the sun goes down.


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Abu Dhabi: Shangri-Laaaverly

My hubby and I decided to spend Christmas and New Years visiting family in Abu Dhabi. Having visited before it meant this time we got to just do the fun stuff, no need to do the obligatory touristy bits.


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Beauty/Travel: Flight Fresh

Oh aren’t holidays such fun but getting there can be demanding.

By the time you arrive at your destination, having experienced a security frisking, watched tv so close your eyes are pulsing, tried numerous different sitting positions and developed a cold from the recycled airplane air….you are knackered.

So here is my ultimate on-flight freshen up kit, so you can arrive at your destination looking and feeling as fresh as a daisy.

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