Lena’s Cafe: Salad Bar

Aviary Photo_130289380868418088

So I have a tendency to get slightly obsessed when I find a food place I love, my current obsession..Lena’s Cafe in West Hampstead.

It’s a Lebanese cafe, which serves delicious, healthy salads with my favourite ingredients spinach, aubergine, couscous, avocado and many more.

Aviary Photo_130289378446612650Word on the street, or as some may call it the world wide web, there are two….yes two of these delectable little cafes. As it happens the second Lena’s Cafe, aptly named ‘Lena’s Cafe 2’, is right by where I work. Who would have thought my favourite salad bar is following me around.

Aviary Photo_130289352117829144

I usually opt for a large takeaway for £6 and can select five salads but a small is pretty filling too. They do of course serve other food and drink from breakfast and morning juices to main courses and deserts, it has it all. 

Liv x


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