Winter Skincare: Neck Up

Winter seems to be getting later and later, we had a fairly mild December but now the cold is definitely setting in. It’s time to protect your skin from the harsh weather by introducing some key beauty products.

I have listed my top 5 skincare products for the neck up – tune in soon for my top 5 winter skincare neck down aka bodycare.

Skincare Rodial Dragons Blood


Rodial Dragons Blood

From those of you slightly concerned about the magical dragon reference don’t worry ‘dragons blood’ is actually a natural red resin found in plants full of anti-oxidant benefits….so I guess you could call it magical.

This mask absorbed so well into my skin and didn’t leave the usual oily residue most masks do, you can leave it on for just 10 mins or overnight as your evening moisturiser. I’ve begun to leave it overnight and wake up with really smooth skin. It also plumps fine lines and tightens skin.



When the evenings are cold I want my nightime skincare routine to be quick. This is perfect for just that, it’s a dry exfoliator to be used on dry skin. Yes you heard me correctly, you simply massage into dry skin and rinse it off so it’s really quick and easy.

Exfoliating is so important this time of year as your skin becomes polluted and congested, therefore you need to ensure you you clean it thoroughly at the end of every day.

Skin Doctors INSTANT EYELIFT (£20.40) – winner of 2013 Beauty Awards ‘Best Classic Cosmetic Product’ 

Skin Doctors Eyelift

I get really bad bags under my eyes, if I haven’t had enough rest my eyes look puffy. This ‘Eyelift’ is exactly that, I just pop a few drops on my finger and wipe it under my eyes and immediately, I really do mean immediately, they feel tighter.


EOS Lip Balm

Oh the irony I decide to do a post on winter skincare and have a lip balm called ‘summer fruit’ what can I say life isn’t about labels.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’ll know I’m obsessed with this product. With ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil your lips honestly feel moisturised for hours. I also really like the unusual round egg shape, it makes it feel like my little pet (I know what your thinking what pet is round egg shape).

Bach RESCUE BALM (£6.05)

Bach Rescue Balm

Even though I love my EOS, I do believe it always good to have at least 2x lip balms for when one goes walkies or is left in the other handbag. This is lighter but again thoroughly moisturising lip balm, it makes your lips feel really silky and includes Calendula flower oil which gives off a lovely scent.

What are your top 5 winter skincare products?

Liv x


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