Winter Skincare: Neck Down

Following on from my “Winter Skincare: Neck Up” post, below are my top 5 beauty products to keep your body, hands and nails in perfect condition through cold months.

Winter Skincare

Minvita BAOBAB BODY OIL (£35)

Baobab Oil

Baobab Oil is completely natural: cold pressed from the fruit seed of the Baobab Tree, its unrefined, and 100% organic.

After reading up about Baobab fruit, it seems to include every positive skincare property there is from extremely high levels of antioxidants including Vitamins A, C, E, and F (hydrates and plumps the skin), to high concentration of omegas 3, 6 and 9 (reduces appearance of stretch marks and scarring).

It also absorbs really easily, so although on a higher price point it’s one to invest in.


Vaseline Cocoa Butter Radiant Gel

At only £4.99 this is a brilliant low budget product. It is the first gel based moisturiser that I have used and it’s so intensely moisturising, perhaps to heavy to use on delicate skin but great for the legs.

Word of warning; a little goes a long way here, so no need to slather it on as it just won’t rub in. It does tend to sit on top of the skin and takes a while to absorb so a good one to use before bed, or as I say just beware of how much you use: a pea size will cover a whole leg.


Elemis Devils Mint ScrubAs you may already know, from previous reviews, I’m a massive fan of Elemis, I use the cleansing products every day so its no surprise I love their Mint Body Scrub.

The peppermint scent is really invigorating so great to use in the morning to help wake you up, it gently exfoliates leaving your skin perfectly smooth. The product uses sea plant particles and pepperming essential oil which is a natural antiseptic so great to ensure your skin is bacteria free.

Nelson’s CALENDULA CREAM (£4.85)

Calendula Cream

This is a great tube to pop in your handbag and use on the go, for hands when you’ve washed them in harsh water or to dab on your elbows when they start feeling really dry.

Made from extracts of the Calendula plant it’s known for it’s multiple skin conditioning properties. Another use is for dry, cracked heels, I would apply this to my heels before bed and put on socks to sleep; this locks in all the moisture and I wake up with soft, supple heels.


Cuticle Oil

During colder months your nails become dry and therefore chip more, so when you are moisturising your body don’t forget your nails. This nourishing cuticle oil not only strengthens your nails but ensures the skin around your fingertips are in tip top condition too – no one likes peeling cuticles. Just a few drops is all you need.

What are your winter skin saviours?

Liv x


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