Beauty: Spring Hair Inspiration

Something is going on in the world of celebrity hair and it seems to be contagious…


Photo : Instagram/Vanessa Hudgens

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Interiors: ‘Homepage’

I have become an interiors bore, that’s right instead of talking about the latest gossip with friends I am asking them where they got their door handles from.

all four

I can’t help it, I have a new home project, I am decorating my house and love all things home design – so you will be seeing a lot more interiors posts on Liv My Way.

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Travel: Copenhagen Part 2

This blog post is slightly delayed due to my strong festive commitment to eating turkey, Christmas pudding, mince pies, yule log, chocolate coins…where was I?!

Oh well talking of food actually brings me smoothly on to ‘Copenhagen Part 2’, the food review.

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Christmas: Gift Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching and if like me you haven’t bought all your pressies yet (why I leave it so late every year I just don’t know) then here are a few ideas to help you out.

From beauty to interiors to foodie gifts there is something for everyone…

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My Favourite Instagrammers

Instagram is my favourite social media platform.



Photo credit: Instagram @livihecht ME!

I enjoy the news, gossip and humour element of twitter, facebook is primarily to catch up with friends, though it has also recently become a hub of funny video links and news stories. LinkedIn is of course for career networking. For me instagram trumps them all, I can never get bored of browsing photos.

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Creative Inspiration: Dreamtime Scenes

People inspire me every day by being creative, motivated or just positive when times are tough.Here’s some creative inspiration for you; artist Queenie Liao has produced these beautiful photographs of her child’s dreams by using basic household items such as sheets, books and teddies for the backgrounds.Using her imagination she has created magical fairytale-like scenes showing her baby’s journey through his dreams. Below are just a few from her album ‘Wengenn in Wonderland’ which is a collection of over 100 photos…