Beauty: Yon-Ka Review

Oh to live in France, you get to ride around on a bicycle wearing a striped top, a baguette under your arm and garlic around your neck. Alright that is just the stereotype the truth is they know how to live in style with delicious food and wine, high-end fashion and of course beautiful skincare brands.


Yon-Ka is a French, luxury skincare brand with an impressive celeb following such as Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, Madonna, Sienna Miller, Beyonce. With fans like that I had to see what the fuss is all about.

Guarana Scrub £32:

When I use this product, I close my eyes and it smells like I’m in a spa, I absolutely love the fragrance. I tend to prefer really rough scrubs, even though I know it’s important to be gentle with your skin, when a scrub is too gentle I feel it isn’t really doing anything. This is a good balance, the exfoliating micro-beads are rough but sparse so it exfoliates thoroughly without damaging the skin.

The texture of the lotion element is not too thick like most scrubs, it has a silky consistency that stays with you when you wash it off leaving your skin super smooth.

Yon-ka Guarana Scrub

Masque No.1 £42:

This is a gel-cream mask, again this has a gorgeous fresh scent and is fairly light for a mask. You simply spread it over your face and neck and leave for 20 – 60m minutes (I always leave for the latter to take more effect). Then rinse it off. As with the Decleor Dragons Blood Hyaluronic mask you can also apply this before bed and leave over night to wake up to soft, smooth skin.

This is said to be clinically proven to provide time-released hydration and I can definitely vouch for that, after using it a few times a week my face definitely feels hydrated. I have combination skin so am always wary of not over-moisturing however this leaves your skin balanced and is so light it hydrates rather than moisturises.

Yon-ka Masque

Having tried two products from the Yon-Ka range I am looking forward to trying more. The products are light but thoroughly nourishing and  I feel that they have got it spot on with the packaging, it looks fresh which relates well to the products but also interesting includes a pretty floral design.

What is your favourite French beauty brand?

Liv x


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