Food: Snack, Crackle and Pop

The weather has taken a turn, the evenings are dark and I’ve heard the word ‘Christmas’ far too many time this week.

Salads just aren’t cutting it right now, I’m opting for heartier meals which means I need to get smart with my afternoon snacks – here are a few great healthy snacks to try…


Portlebay Popcorn 85p

popcornpopcorn popcornpopcorn Popcorn has made a big impact on the snack world over the past year or so, transitioning from something you nibble on at the cinema to a regular ‘ooh I really fancy some of that’ afternoon treat.

Portlebay Popcorn is a premium popcorn brand hand popped in Devon, which focuses on exciting flavours. They’ve just launched a new sweet popcorn range – all of which is less than 115 calories per bag, wholegrain and naturally high in fibre. So a great healthy treat!

Their new flavours are Lemon Sherbet, Very Berry and Cinnamon Swirl.

TOTAL Greek Yoghurt £1 / 170g

yoghurtyoghurtyoghurt If popcorn doesn’t fill you up enough then yoghurt is a great afternoon snack to tide you over from lunch to dinner.

TOTAL is high in protein, comes in a low fat or no fat variety and contains no additives or preservatives. Add some fruit, nuts or granola and it makes for a really special treat.

My favourite is the split pot with honey, which has TOTAL 0% fat Greek Yoghurt next to a compote of runny honey….delish!

Other flavours include blueberry, strawberry, raspberry & pomegranate or honey.

Get Fruity £2.80 for pack of four

fruit barfruit bar These little colourful wonders are made from oats, fruits and virgin coconut oil. The fruit makes them naturally sweet and so vibrant and the oats release slow burning energy to make you feel fuller for longer.

So they are ideal for the morning boost or to tackle the mid afternoon slump and perfect for on-the-go.

Available in three fruity flavours, Scrumptious Strawberry, Moist Mixed Berry and Juicy Apricot, Orange and Ginger. For me they are a tad too sweet so more of a treat when I am after something sugary without the guilt!


Liv x



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